Sarah Klagsbrun, MD is a
Child Psychiatrist, Medical Doctor, and
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“Dr K is the best resource in the city. It’s so amazing what I’ve learned. I’m continuing until Jack is 12!”

Rachel, mom of Jack

“I loved Dr K. It was a refuge where I could talk openly about the trials and joys of being a mom.”

Julie, mom of Ella

“I looked forward to seeing Dr K armed with lots of questions.”

Jackie, mom of Ella

“Dr. Klagsbrun is empathic, intelligent, and easy to talk to. I learned so much from her!”

Amy, mom of Aaron

“It's so helpful to share my thoughts and hear that other moms have the same concerns.”

Laurie, mom of Jordyn

“I liked that the group discussions were structured, yet fluid, allowing me to voice my
concerns and challenges of being a new mom. A must for all new moms!”

Lori, mom of Reese

“It’s great to get advice from an expert as well as a mom who’s been through it all.”

Nikki, mom of David

"Dr. Klagsbrun really gets it. I love to hear her talk about parenting. She's a great resource for new moms."

Alison, mom of Ian

"When you succeed with your kids, it feels great. Actually, it feels more than great. I would recommend Dr K to all mothers."

Wana, mom of twins Samantha and William

“While it is great speaking to other moms, working with Dr. Klagsbrun has helped me gain more confidence in my parenting skills.”

Randi, mom of Elizabeth

“As a first-time mom, one has so many questions. Dr. Klagsbrun’s expertise has been so reassuring and beneficial.”

Sharon, mom of Aiden

“I found Dr K helpful practically and emotionally. It’s especially comforting to realize that although I may be alone with my baby at 5am, I’m not alone facing the challenges of motherhood.”

Terry, mom of Eunice

“During the week when I’m taking care of my daughter, I make a mental note of all my questions. I find it comforting to know that I have a place to go to discuss my concerns and have my questions answered directly.”

Dana, mom of Brett

“With Dr. Sarah leading the way, we have a well-researched, professional opinion to guide us. I’d recommend her highly to any new mom!”

Mary-Hope, mom of Annabel

“Dr. Klagsbrun’s advice was amazingly helpful. Her expertise as a doctor and experience as a mother provide new moms with the knowledge, support, and compassion they need to raise healthy, emotionally secure children.”

Sarah, mom Isaiah

“What a great opportunity for me to discuss child-rearing issues, receive expert advice from Dr. Klagsbrun, and meet other moms. All this was offered in an emotionally safe environment for me and a physically safe and cheerful environment for my baby. I highly recommend it for all moms!”

Melissa, mom of Liam and Maddy

“The very cool, very hip, very happening place to go to after you have your baby!!!”

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One-on-one parenting consultations and sessions available. Please contact Dr. Klagsbrun to arrange.

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